CDC Study Says Secondhand Smoking in Five Airports Threatens Travelers’ Health; Electric Cigarette Club Comments Gov’t Should Ban Cigarettes in Them

Houston, TX (PRWEB) November 26, 2012

Secondhand smoking risks the health of non-smokers. And as reported by, that is surely the case in five airports in the United States based on results provided by a recent Center for Disease Control study. In response that, Electric Cigarette Club commented that government should seriously consider banning smoking in those airports. Additionally, to all smokers, it suggested the use of a specific electronic cigarette called Solar Cigarette.

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As stated in the report, the CDC study revealed that five airports across US have air pollution levels 23 times higher than those smoke-free airports. It said that the pollution was worst at areas as bars, restaurants and/or ventilated smoking rooms.

Specifically, the report determined that those airports that highly risk the health of travelers are Denver International, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, McCarran International in Las Vegas, Salt Lake City International, and Washington Dulles International.

To that revealed result of the said CDC study, Electric Cigarette Club commented that the government should seriously consider banning cigarette smoking in the airports. In addition to that, it said that smokers should also take it as a warning to quit the cancer sticks.

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Stating that smoking affects not only themselves but also others, the site emphasized to smokers that they should kick cigarettes. And that it did by pointing out that they could put at risk even their family members, whether in airports or anywhere else.

Nonetheless, Electric Cigarette Club understands that a person needs a help to successfully kick the ciggies. And so among all the other alternatives, it suggested to smokers the use of electronic cigarette. Particularly, it recommended Solar Cigarette. It asserted that it’s the best to get given that a smoker can smoke it anywhere all while getting that smoking fix, sparing others from tobacco-related health risks and also gaining weight loss help and prevention of age-related diseases.

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