Electronic Cigarettes Reviewed on The Doctors TV Show

Electronic Cigarettes Reviewed on The Doctors TV Show

www.VintageJoye.com Electronic Cigarettes | E-Cigs | Personal Vaporizers | Electronic Smoking Devices | Nicotine Delivery System | Joye 510, eGo | Vaping | Vape The Doctors TV Show features general info and introduction to Electronic Cigarettes. What are electronic cigarettes? Some electronic cigarettes (or e-cigarettes) look exactly like regular cigarettes or cigars; others look more like pens. They are battery powered, and create their effect by vaporizing nicotine which is dissolved in a solution of water and propylene glycol (which, minus the nicotine, is basically the fog that is used in fog machines). The result is something that feels somewhat like smoke in the mouth and lungs but without involving any real smoke, tobacco or combustion. This e-cigarette fog (or vapour) dissipates rapidly, and leaves little scent in the air or on clothing. E-smoking is almost identical to cigarette smoking. The major difference is that the e-cigarette is always “lit”. Most of them even have an LED on the end that lights up like a cigarette ember when you draw on it. You can put it down or pick it up at any time without worrying about burning anything. It is only on when you actually draw on it. How much you smoke is related more to how many puffs you desire rather than on the length of the cigarette. When switching over to e-cigarettes, a person needs to buy a kit which includes the battery containing smoking tube, cartridges which may or may not be flavored, and which may have high
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Part 3, Shawn decides to move from regular cigarettes to e-smokes. This first video is really long but he showcases why the move. To view all videos make sure to view Episodes 1-A then episode 1-B and finally 1-C. Future video’s under 5 minutes

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