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myvapeworks.com E cig tank | My vape Works LLC Our e cig tank Ce5 is easy to use, fill and maintain while providing the versatility you need. The self contained 2.4 ohm atomizer is standard in the kit, but we also have the 1.8 and 4.0 ohm sizes to meet your individual e cig tank requirements. While the 1.8 ohm provides low resistance with lots of vapor, I consistently use the 1.8 ohm size that works wonderfully with battery voltage anywhere between 3.7- 5. I typically find that 4.2 volts provides the perfect blend of smoking satisfaction while maintaining battery power. The 4.0 ohm atomizers should only be used with 6 volts or higher. We also show you our trick to properly filling your electronic cigarette tank and what steps to take to make sure you have a tight seal that prevents any e liquid being drawn into your mouth. If you are looking for an e cig tank or electronic cigarette accessories, please visit our online store. copy and paste into your browser, or click on link for ohms chart http My Vape Works LLC Denver, CO 80126 myvapeworks.com

www.oldpueblovapor.com – Official Distributor of Joyetech Electronic Cigarettes and Ecig Accessories. The concept of e-cigarettes has really taken root and has become immensely popular among people trying to quit smoking and use of tobacco products. The latest offering by this Tuscan firm is a splendid lounge setting with plush couches and an e-juice bar where customers can shop for e-cigarettes. Located at 5470 E. Speedway, this lounge really helps people to quit smoking according to owner, Keith Reinhart. What are e-cigarettes? E-cigarettes are totally free of tar and tobacco and come in several flavors like chocolate, fruits and tobacco. Vegetable glycerin is the main component of an e-cigarette; there is a rechargeable battery which powers up the heating element inside the cigarette. This vaporizes the e-juice or liquid inside which is the substance that the person ‘vapes’. Smokers obtain the same effect of smoking but without any of the harmful aspects. The e-juice or e-liquid used in the e-cigarettes are prepared, bottled and labeled by the company itself while the cigarettes are manufactured by Joyetech. According to Reinhart, the startup costs for these ranges between and 0. Visit http or We Invite You to Contact Us Today! Old Pueblo Vapor Lounge 5470 E Speedway Blvd Tucson, AZ 85712 Located on the Southwest corner of Speedway and Craycroft right in the heart of Tucson, AZ Phone- (520) 881-0169 Fax- (520) 881-0189 Email- e-lounge@oldpueblovapor.com
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