Genesis style atomizer atomizerstank tanks Pros benefit benefits vs verse verses ?

What are the benefits of a genesis over something like a bottom coil rebuildable glass clearomizer like the Kanger Protank?

I don’t like that I think the Protank’s the only glass tank available that screws together and doesn’t rely on o-rings, and every genny has o-rings that eventually need to be changed and have a chance of leaking.

I don’t like that a Genesis doesn’t really belong on an EGO because I might get an EGO PT because it’s compact, low priced, and will last me all day. If I get a genny, it would look like a hammer on an EGO, but I guess I might deal with it and not get a MOD just to match.

I saw an AGA-T review. He had the top cap off exposing the coil and was firing and it was crackling like a fireworks show and seemed to be giving off way more condensed vapor than something like a Protank or Vivi Nova. But he did a sort of big plume demo and the vapor didn’t look like much afterall compared to what I get on a bottom coil Kanger T3 clearomizer. I’d imagine with the coil being so much larger on a genny and many more # of coil wraps that it would give off much more vapor. Vapor production’s the main reason I could think of for why I might choose a genny over the Protank. Also, all stainless steel is probably healthier than Protank’s chromed brass if that’s what the inside of a protank has.

Thaks for any input.

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