Looking for upgrade advice from experienced vapers

I just joined the forums today and I was hoping that those out there may be able to help me make a more informed decision in upgrading my setup. I have only been vaping for a few months using a starter kit my wife bought from one of those reduced price trial sites. No worries, it was purchased through an intermediary, so we were spared the extra charges to the credit card :laugh:. I didn’t even know she had bought them(one for me one for her) until after they arrived 1 month later,lol. Anyways, I want to step up to a more robust system. What I have now is a 510 thread,possibly a 250 mah batt,(not the smallest battery but not a big one either).

I was looking for a relatively small battery.I don’t think I want to walk around with the large monster 1000 or 1300 mah setups out there. I have seen a few that run around 450( something slightly smaller than the ego c or inferno),and are about 3 1/8" long,that I could place a small tank on. I was hoping though that I could find one with a usb port on the end. I have seen larger batteries with this,including the inferno and the 1000 mah ego c’s, but haven’t seen any in the smaller sizes. I vape at work,and the smaller batt would be good for me,and the usb plug would be great at home cuz I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time in front of my computer. Do any of you know of a smaller sized batt that has the usb plug on the end? I know I could always buy a passthrough, but I figured 2 birds, one batt. 🙂

Also, I was curious if the smaller sized internal batts are replaceable at all. I know the larger rigs can. Any help would be greatly appreciated.:D

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