Newbie with questions,

I just ordered a liberty flights riva 510 carto delux.

It was a suggestion from a link I found on this forum.

Now for my first question. I live in small town Oklahoma, if I run into a situation where I run out of cartos can I use any of the ones from our many indian smoke shops around, I see the typical brands. blue, 21st century and a few others similar to what the Murphy’s gas stations Cary, Or am I out of luck, I read something about an adapters.????

Also. I am guessing the 501 is a good standard. I like to tinker with things, what would be my next upgrade to try different tanks ect.

I ordered their e-liquid hs premium in a Turkish/-American tobacco flavor. I have always loved the Camel Turkish favors, and also. Pipe tobacco,

Any hints would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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