Question about USP Glycerin

Hello, I’m hoping people could clear up some confusion. I’ve been wanting to add VG to my juices. I like less throat hit and more vapor so I was looking to get some VG. I’ve come to understand there are different "grades". I’ve read that the best grade for vaping is pharmaceutical grade but food grade is ok. I’ve picked up a bottle from Rite Aide (rite aide brand/USP). First, is this safe to vape? Since it says usp it’s pharmaceutical grade right?

Next, I’ve been searching online for cheaper alternatives. I’ve seen gallon bottles for 20-22 dollars. Most of them say Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin USP. This is where I’m confused. I thought USP meant it’s pharmaceutical grade? So is it food grade or pharmaceutical? And if it says vegetable and not just glycerin does this mean it’s food grade? Are these safe to vape?

Finally, what’s your favorite "brand" to vape? Are there differences b/w walmart/cvs/rite aide brands and others available online? Or would those in store brands suffice? I’ve also read that Wilton’s is pretty good: any opinions?


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