Wizard Lab Black Tea question/concerns

Hey everybody! So I received my package from WL and I am very impressed with all the flavored I bought, their PG, VG and nicotine. GREAT but wait. Why does this black tea flavor taste so unusual? I bought 2 8mL vials of the black tea and they are identical in smell. what does it smell like ? Not black tea! But ROSEMARY.. I tried mixing it with other favors but that rosemary is so overpowering its ridiculous, even at its lowest percentage 3% or even a small drop its so overpowering. I tried it with sweeteners/EM, a smooth agent and it can’t be help:frown:. Its my first time purchasing from them. My question is can I return it and get a different flavor? I want to get a heads up from everyone before I contact them on Monday. Sad to say but I’m not liking this black tea at all 🙁

– ProperTea.

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