Advantages of E-cigarettes

E-cigarettes resemble the conventional cigarettes both in function and appearance except that they can be slightly longer and might resemble a ball point pen or an elongated tube. They are battery operated devices providing measured quantity of nicotine for inhalation, hence the name. It is also called the vapour cigarette.

As against the cigarette, no tobacco is used, no fire hence no smoke, only nicotine vapour is inhaled by the smoker, unpleasant odour is absent, passive smoking is avoided, no plaque or tar and more importantly the ingredients used in the e-cigarettes are non-carcinogenic. Carcinogenic ingredients in traditional cigarettes are responsible for causing lung cancer. These are reusable devices in the sense that they can be replaced with spare parts, there are also disposable models of e-cigarettes.

Basic components of e-cigarettes consist of a lithium-ion rechargeable battery housing electronic circuits, the battery being the longest component of the device; a heating element commonly referred to as the atomizer and the mouth piece or the cartridge. The function of atomizer is to vaporize the liquid in the cartridge and needs to be replaced in every 3-6 months time; hence some of the revised models offer “Cartomizer” which is a prefilled disposable component.

The cartridge is cup like apparatus, within which, there is a smaller plastic cup that holds the flavoured liquid solution. The air flow within this cup facilitates the function of suction in order to push the vapour to the smoker’s mouth. Once the liquid in the cartridge is exhausted, it can be refilled by the user.

There are nicotine and non-nicotine solutions referred to as e-liquids or e-juices that come with different flavours. Again, to suit customer needs, solutions are also available in different concentrations of nicotine. These are nothing but nicotine dissolved in Propylene Glycol (PG) or Glycerine.  Propylene Glycol is a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved compound. Tobacco essence is also a component of e-cigarettes, to give the real cigarette feeling. The American Association of Public Health Physicians recommends the sale of e-cigarettes on the grounds that they will significantly decrease the effects of second hand smoking.

It is hoped that use of e-cigarettes will eventually help quit smoking, though that is not the intended purpose of the devise.

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