An unconvincing response editor 60 Million ecigarette Consumers

Laurenceau Thomas , the editor of 60 million e-cigarette consumers , responds to media attacks that have been the subject
Thomas Laurenceau in the October issue of “60 ” is clearly to the right of reply following the outcry had the September dossier on the electronic cigarette.

We will not repeat here the article ( a real study … ) in detail, but the followers of vapotage had understood that the so-called precision tables and studies who were led to the conclusion that the electronic cigarette was a product best taken with a grain of salt , the health hazard of vapoteurs worse! It even makes it state of certain products that are more toxic than those present in a cigarette ! The article advocated that the greatest vigilance was set and that the state of knowledge , the product had nothing trivial .

The outcry that followed the publication of this report was inevitable qualify vapotage of dangerous, do not use in an environment where everything is done to encourage people to overcome smoking can only be a process quite inconceivable for hundreds of thousands of users of e -cigs that have not bothered to do it loud and clear (” in thirty years of journalism, I have never received so many messages of insults ,” T.Laurenceau ) – sic – .

The editor of “60” has responded this month to these attacks . But there is only one answer halftone which does of course no mention of the hype about some article of September. Thomas Laurenceau rather adopts an attitude of evasion , as heard at first that many vapoteurs would not even read his article ( ! ) And evading the question of his stance on the toxicity that claims to be present in quite slippery liquid ( which directly related ? ) in the field of adolescent smokers who are not tempted by the electronic cigarette as a “gadget” .

“How to avoid that anyone could sell anything, be it small or importer of area companies such as BAT ? , ” He adds . Yes, but it would have had the same moderation in the article. Nobody disputes that the liquid control , safety ( container and content) must be above reproach . However , work on this control is constant . This is what the article should strive to mention!

Finally, the editor of “60” repeat that if the weapon of mass destruction is the cigarette -smoking , there is no reason to look so intent on the consumer product that is the electronic cigarette and analyze it more closely. It is the duty of the National Consumer Institute .

If the role of a magazine like 60 Million Consumers is to inform the public debate on issues of consumption “without blinders or taboo ,” as stated Laurenceau , such lighting shall be with objectivity and neutrality , which saw the reactions to the article in September , has clearly not been the case.


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