Europe has not yet legislated on the regulatory framework of the ecig

And during that time , the tobacco industry tries pole position but worth it!
While Europe has not yet legislated on the regulatory framework of the ecig ( summit today October 8) , the tobacco industry is organized so that the market share does not escape him.

Compete on price

“While the legislature is responsible for the electronic cigarette, the tobacco industry … fits ” on
As the ecig is untaxed , the tobacco industry will not engage in a price war . However, by acquiring existing brands electronic cigarettes or creating their own, they can come into direct competition with the market ecig . While the product has completely escaped them, that is and should remain a focused its consumer product, the tobacco industry wants its share of the market. But if, as we had informed you , the first electronic cigarettes made by the tobacco giants are really bad or zero (see our products e- cigarette or Vuse Markten ) … the tobacco industry has the financial means to hand market .

According to GĂ©rard DUBOIS, Professor of Public Health at the Faculty of Medicine of Amiens : ” All the major tobacco companies , Philip Morris in the United States , Japan Tobacco and British American Tobacco have purchased one or more brands of electronic cigarettes. Worse, these products allow them to start to advertise … “

These large industrial groups also want to build as specialists manufactured according to the standards (as they are used with tobacco) , thus guaranteeing the quality . “… Somehow coming to the rescue of consumers, a shame ! “According to Gerard Dubois .

But in our article on Markten Duane already pointed out that the order of the products noted on the record was oddly arranged and a promo of 5% on an accessory charging was proposed promotion of a tiny USB charger whose thread was only compatible with the brand and a commercial technique that has so exasperated that consumers not 510 screws ( the Ego brand) has become a standard and manufacturers were forced to follow.

Another great lesson that shows that this market ecig , the consumer is king of his choice (or trends around the market ) .

The tobacco industry out of inspiration

To catch up, the industry is looking into other products , other alternatives to conventional cigarettes , products that could come directly compete electronic cigarette Ploom kind or inhalers (or sprays) that work with a kind of cigarette holder and which pass through the buccal mucosa due to the solubility of the nicotine. Research could focus on the ability to increase their doses to be more closer to the electronic cigarette .

In sum, a pale copy !

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