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Nev NYC wrote:
UncleRJ wrote:
Nev NYC wrote:FINALLY!!! rubber gloves, a small safety pin, and a full day of aggravation!! Stupid air control ring!!

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Well, how is it working for you now?

Don’t leave us hanging dude!

Well since you ask, today is the 1st day since I’ve been vaping(11 months) that I’ve trusted a mechanical mod and RBA to go out for the day. I was thoroughly impressed with how well my battery held up, I had no leaks, and juice wicked with no issues. The only backup I had was my G6 cig a like. I’ll use a mech and dripper at home but have never trusted going out for the whole day with a mech setup. It’s a little early to say but the Kayfun may be a game changer for me. The quality of your coil build is definitely a factor. I have a .8 ohm micro coil using 28g kanthal and cotton. Super easy to setup. Probably took me the same about of time as I would normally spend punching, priming, and filling a carto..

Nev NYC , I’m happy to learn that you are back on track & U had a good day !!! C.H.

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