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Once upon a time there was something here at ECA called the Vape for Free store where you’d be able to spend points accumulated for participating here on the forum and throughout the site. A like was 5pts, a comment on a blog was 3pts, FB likes were 2pts, google +1’s were 2pts, tweets were 2pts, and being liked by a moderator was 10pts.. You’d also get points for reaching a new rank on the forum.. Prizes were donated by vendors or purchased by ECA. Whatever points you accumulated for participating could be spent at the Vape for Free store aka VFF.. That went away due to cost issues to the site. The true forum members are still here but many others left who were here just for free stuff. The store was great because you could try new juices, get mods, t shirts, key chains, bumbler stickers and a ton of other vape related gear or accessories. Now that it’s gone you can still accumulate the same points for doing the same things and I think the person with the most points after each month receives a prize for top contributor. The little tool bar at the bottom of the screen that follows you around on the site will indicate how many points you have. Your points reset usually every month. I think that’s how it still goes but maybe someone else might know better. I’ve been here since Feb and owe a lot of my success in transitioning off of cigarettes to vaping to this ECA, this forum, and the great group of members here.. Hope that helps..

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Thank you so much! That was absolutely perfect! Yea that probably became very expensive! The new idea sounds cool! Another thing they could have tried was if you reach a certain amount of points you get a sample or whatever the item they chose would be. They could also have the same idea but then draw so many names out of the winners. Thanks alot for explaining that to me! I was totally lost, and kept hearing people mention rewards on here and I had no idea what it was! Now I do, and it all makes sense! :P
This is my favorite forum wesite for electronic cigarettes. They helped me alot when I first got started, and I do not think I could have got it right with PG/VG ratios nicotine levels and other things!

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