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kelliperkins wrote:
Sylvie wrote:
kelliperkins wrote:Is that with postage too?? I want some recipes…..and some places to order….At that price i am very ready.

what kind of flavors do you like??
i will make you a partial DIY kit for xmas 🙂
i have 240ml of premixed 37pg/67vg 9mg nicotine base i cannot use due to the PG allergy i developed after mixing it.. Since you do low nic and i don’t recall you having PG allergies, it will work fine for you..
i have quite a few flavorings i really do not use so let me know what kind of flavors you like to vape and i will see what i have and try to find ya some recipes to go with some of can experiment with the rest 🙂

after we figure out what i am giving ya, we can figure out what else you may need to order.
more than likely a bottle of VG (and a PG one maybe) is going to be on your to buy list, i don’t have anymore on hand..
some plastic bottles of your choice..

anywhoos, let me know flavors liked and tomorrow i’ll go through my stuff..

You are awesome and i don’t mind to pay or at least postage 😎 fruit, deserts, cinnamon roll, custard, vanilla anything lol real foodie stuff not much on candy flavors unless its true to it like gummies.

no pay or postage needed, just some wait time 🙂
i just got home half hour ago from watching a grumpy grand daughter today and i am now dead tired so will have to get things together tomorrow afternoon K

other than custard/vanillas, the other flavors you like are actually most of the types i don’t really use so that is good and i do believe i got gummies too 😉
i got an extra cappella vanilla custard i will give ya too, one cannot DIY without that one in their arsenal lol

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