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ToweKnee wrote:
varguar wrote:Ohh, I would love to have that mixer, but I don’t do enough DIY to get one. I do maybee 4 30ml bottles a month, so I really can’t justify a purchase of something like that. But still it would be cool to have! :lol:

Magnetic mixers is for mixing huge quantities at a time. If you do small DIY I couldnt recomend this set up enough: … mini+mixer

One attachment fits perfectly in small bottles and your able to do some nice mixing with it. Plus its $5 !!

Why spend money on a gizmo or gadget for mixing when you have slave labor to shake a bottle or 2? I have a teenage daughter that I pass bottles to and have her shake them for a half an hour or so then put the bottle in the back of my drawer to steep for the next couple of weeks. I try to keep 3 bottles of each of my flavors at all times. 1 being used, and 2 steeping getting ready to be used.

Statistics: Posted by varguar — Sun Dec 08, 2013 2:04 am

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