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As someone who used to haul mail, let me give you some information on the mail system. Most of the mail, currently about 95% are not shipped state to state, or even instate by usps. It is actually a 3rd party carrier, that has a contract with the USPS. Shipments get lost, or delayed (ie. the trailer is parked in the wrong spot, sent to the wrong state, truck and trailer are in a accident….. and plenty of other things) Sometimes the USPS gives the wrong trailer to the truckdriver going the wrong direction. I was working a company that only hauled mail for the USPS, and xmas season starts in the beginning of November. I can remember one xmas season that 3 trailers got parked in the wrong place, and then trailers were parked in front of them, and no one could find them. That is till about 6 months later when someone walked behind them and noticed that they still had USPS seals on them. We had to dig them out, take them to a post office facility, have the workers break the seals, and then they (the USPS) sat on the trailers for about another month, before they sent them on to there final destination. So some of the problems are from the USPS, the rest are from the company’s actually hauling the mail for them. To get the contract you have to underbid the other people, so the people getting the contracts are not always the best company’s or the most ontime people. It is scary the things I have seen happen to mail, by the contractors and the USPS employees. Not what you people wanted to hear but its the truth.

Statistics: Posted by varguar — Tue Dec 10, 2013 12:39 am

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