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Kelly if you have any questions on how to do this please send me a message. I rebuild all my protank/evod heads. Have been doing it for a while now. Its super easy and really cheap. I am getting anywhere between 8 and 10 rebuilds on a head before its pretty much done. It only takes a couple of mins to do. I use cotton yarn and 32 gauge kanthol wire, I wrap most of my heads now at about 1.6 ohm, so I can use them on my vamo, ego, or my k100 mechanical, and get a decent vape out of all 3. If I am building it for the protank I normally wrap them at 2.0 or as high as 2.6 ohm and vape it on my vamo at higher wattage. Its a great money saver, I costed it out at about 16 cents each rebuild a while back ago. I currently have 10 used heads I rebuild, and 5 new heads put back for when they die, after rebuilding them to many times. They normally die due to the white insulators finally giving up after pulling them apart to many times.

Statistics: Posted by varguar — Thu Dec 12, 2013 1:20 am

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