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Valkyrie wrote:
HELP !! My aspire dual coils are leaking like sieves out the bottom of the atomizer…
all of them,,, package of 5 1.8 ohmers and all 5 2.1 ers…right out of the frekking foil pkg…WTF :oops: :? :shock: :?: :!:

I don’t own one, but just looked up some pics to get an idea. Check to make sure that the bottom grommet is still intact. I have bought some heads from a shop that had no bottom grommet for my evods before and had the same problem. Check the grommet and make sure its there and its laying flat and not laying up and down. I have also had that happen before and that makes them leak horribly. Give them a look and let us know what is going on.

Statistics: Posted by varguar — Fri Dec 13, 2013 11:57 pm

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