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Hey all,

There’s been a few lists put together recently for Best of 2013 or Favorites of 2013 in the vaping community. I thought, why don’t we list ours? We’re a pretty tight knit group here and new members are ALWAYS welcome here so why not right? These should all be listed as our own personal choices and a tally of "best" overall isn’t really necessary. Our own personal choices should be just that, our own favorite personal choices. List your favorites and if you’d like to briefly explain why, great! If not, that’s ok too.

1- Favorite vape company overall

2- Favorite E-liquid company

3- Favorite E-liquid flavor

4- Favorite one stop shop

5- Favorite most seen online vendor

6- Best value/price e-liquid vendor

7- Favorite battery vendor

8- Favorite vendor for vaping accessories

9- Favorite vendor with best customer service

10- Favorite genesis style atomizer

11- Favorite tank atomizer(not a genny)

12- Favorite clearomizer

13- Favorite cartomizer

14- Favorite dripping atomizer(510 or RDA)

15- Favorite regulated mod

16- Favorite mechanical mod

17- Favorite vape show

18- Favorite vape show host

19- Favorite ecig blog

20- Favorite reviewer

21- Favorite vaping deal finder site(I have a thread here and that also qualifies. hint hint ;-))

22- Favorite DIY supply vendor

Ok so that’s all the categories I could think of. Yes I used Guide to Vaping for inspiration. Just a suggestion, if you just copy and paste the list and add your answers, that might make things a bit easier to read. Also, if this becomes a popular thread, nobody is going to want to hop back to the first page to get the list. I do understand that not all of the categories apply to everyone so if there is one that you have no answer for, that’s fine. If there you have a favorite category that wasn’t listed, add it.

Well that’s all and I look forward to reading all your favs.


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