General Vaping Discussion • Re: ECA Forum Members 2013 Vaping Favorites

1- Favorite vape company overall: Big E’s Vapor shop Wichita KS

2- Favorite E-liquid company: Heathers Heavenly Vapes

3- Favorite E-liquid flavor: Heavenly Army

4- Favorite one stop shop: Local

5- Favorite most seen online vendor: Probably Electronicstix

6- Best value/price e-liquid vendor: Local

7- Favorite battery vendor: Efest.

8- Favorite vendor for vaping accessories: SOOOO MANY!

9- Favorite vendor with best customer service: OKCVapes has amazing Customer service never been displeased.

10- Favorite genesis style atomizer: Kraken

11- Favorite tank atomizer(not a genny): Cmon really? Kayfun is king!

12- Favorite clearomizer: I clear 30B?

13- Favorite cartomizer: Ikenvapes

14- Favorite dripping atomizer(510 or RDA): toss up between empiremods 901’s and Vapage 510’s

15- Favorite regulated mod: Honestly dont have one

16- Favorite mechanical mod: Matte nemesis by far.

17- Favorite vape show: na

18- Favorite vape show host: see above

19- Favorite ecig blog: ECA!

20- Favorite reviewer: Prolly Pheel

21- Favorite vaping deal finder site(I have a thread here and that also qualifies. hint hint ;-)): vaporjoes?

22- Favorite DIY supply vendor: heartland vapes and ecigexpress


Statistics: Posted by Complexed — Sat Dec 28, 2013 1:58 am

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