General Vaping Discussion • Re: Wanted: BDC shoot out.

From what I’ve seen in video reviews of the current available BDC’s on the market it goes something like this…
Pro-Tank 3 Excellent Build quality with Fair to Good ratings in both performance & lifespan of heads.
iClear30s Very Good Build quality with Great performance & lifespan of heads is about average at best.
Aspire Moderate Build quality with Average to Fair in both performance & lifespan of heads.

And by the way you can take all the above with a grain of salt because I’ve never used any of the products mentioned.Personally I don’t plan on buying any of them.I’ll just stick to my trusty VapeOnly BCC’s and be happy knowing I’ll get 4 – 6 months use out of them before needing to change heads.
At most I’ll get some RG500’s from Fasttech which are G50 clones featuring a 5ml Pyrex tank & come with 2 heads 1 at 1.8ohm & the other at 2.2ohm all for about $10 yeah now that’s vaping on a budget. :geek:

Statistics: Posted by snake94115 — Fri Dec 27, 2013 9:12 pm

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