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Ms Puffinstuff wrote:
This is truly a great day. A picture of Uncle, his new mod AND his Weenie. That’s a furry Weenie if ever I saw one. Beautiful, too. I can die happy now. That’s a great story, too. A very generous friend. ,

I know less than nothing about the electronics of any of this, and it’s different kinds of batteries, but the Opus D’s has two batteries. They’re internal batteries, but there are two of them. Drew was explaining why that was the way they did it, but I think I zoned out a little about halfway through that. So maybe if Matt says you can run two and get 4000mAH, that’s not a problem. That’s a lotta mAH.

I agree about the smooth consistancy of the vape with the DNA20. I think that’s really a thing. Another thing that some people are excited about it is that they’ll do sub ohm coils. Not an issue for me, but it interests sub ohm vapers.

Anyway, thanks for posting the picture and the story. Love them both.

Thanks Ms. P!

And I am glad you are loving your own DNA 20 mod :lol:

And my Weenie is indeed adorable!

Granted she is not very bright but she more than makes up for it by being such a playful and faithful friend.

The really sad thing is, we live out in the country and people dump unwanted pets out here all of the time.

That is how we ended up with her. She just showed up on our front porcn one day and was such a funny and friendly creature we just had to keep her.

Dumb as a bag of hammers but she really does have her charms!

And I really love playing with my Weenie :lol:

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