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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you were talking about the mod, not the dripper lol.

Well, at any rate, the Origen DRIPPER (lol) is amazing. Hands down the best dripper I’ve used. Its very versatile. You can even use SS Mesh if that’s your thing because its a vertical wick design. Basically any kind of wick can be used. Also, it hits like a truck. The wells in it hold about 20 drops with them being half-full of cotton (which is my current build)…so that’s great for trips where you have to drive a ways. Also, you have a choice of 3 airhole sized in dual coil AND single coil. Small chamber, so very flavorful. Changing the airhole sizes is super easy because of the design (unlike the Trident..which was sometimes a pain). Basically, I can’t really see how you could improve upon it. I’m sure it’ll be done at some point, but as far as versatility goes…there’s not many more options that can be squeezed into a dripper. The thing is the swiss army knife of drippers lol.

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