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kelliperkins wrote:
Please post on diy sharing or send me a mail lol I agree complex….

its one of the tobacco clones that got posted in nov sometime. i will hunt link down, it had some other ones on there for boba and tribeca and ?? ..

(my ADV for last 6+ months is HHV legend, this clone does NOT taste like it, at one month point and in 40/60vg , "i" think it tastes like a smooth and lighter version of velvet cloud vapor Burley beard and its not as sweet)

Legend Clone
FA 0.35 ml 3.5% 7 Leaves ( FA )
TFA 0.25 ml 2.5% French Pipe ( EcX S )
TFA 0.40 ml 4% Graham Cracker ( TFA )
0.2 ml 2% EM
0.04 ml 1% TA
0.20 ml 2% ACV

Statistics: Posted by Sylvie — Thu Jan 02, 2014 7:37 pm

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