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snake94115 wrote:
My sore throat is finally all better so going to be vaping Dark Horse by Heathers Heavenly.It’s quite a bit like Legend but much stronger especially the tobacco component but it also has a hint of graham cracker/shortbread.
I also tried Shadow but didn’t really like it as it is just way too light for my tastes.

Still looking for an exceptional RY4 that won’t clog my coils to death… Sigh.

What are you looking for in an RY4, more tobacco or more sweet? I’ve been vaping Halo’s Tribeca almost since I started vaping which is almost a year now. It’s never let me down and is still pretty much my adv. it’s got a very pronounced throat hit but it’s more sweet than tobacco. It’s not a candy type sweet though. It’s a bit pricey but well worth it. Other than that, all the other RY4’s I’ve tried(which have been a lot) haven’t really done it for me. I did pick up a really good bottle from a B&M in New Hampshire in May or June. It was GP Vapor. Other than those, I’d say my DIY RY4 was probably the most decent I’ve tried. My DIY is a Tribeca clone. 12% RY4 double, 2% acetyl pyrazine. Someone here gave me the recipe. I think is was Towenee or Pathology. Slap has one as well but it’s slightly lower percentage.

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