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Nev NYC wrote:
Holy crap, what am I NOT waiting for

Fasttech- 2 tone Nemesis clone, 6 bay mod stand, 2 sets of Nemesis switch magnets, and a bunch of drip tips

VaporBreak- Tobeco KFL+

DesireEcig- Stainless Nzonic

HHV- 30ml Legend

JuicyVapor- 30ml Tribute

GoodLifeVapor- 30ml Deadly Sin

AVE- 30ml Bobas Bounty

100 pack of 3ml syringes from Amazon

I think that’s all but I’m probably missing something. I keep getting email notification with shipping updates from the USPS and I have no idea what’s what. I also have a bunch of non vape related crap coming too so my email is just insane. Yes, I have a problem..

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I knew I forgot something, a bunch of DIY supplies from Wizard. I completely forgot because they take so damn long to ship your order. It’s the Fasttech of DIY..

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Statistics: Posted by Nev NYC — Fri Jan 03, 2014 2:21 am

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