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A friend stopped round to see if I could fix his laptop and he brought along some Boba’s, so I’ve finally after all these years tried some. There is almost assuredly a NET in there; I could tell by the taste and by the gunk which accumulated on the coil of the Phoenix I was dripping in after a couple of hours (although Boba’s is obviously not a straight-up NET as the gunk wasn’t anywhere near as severe as vaping W2V’s juices or some of GoodEJuice’s NETS). It reminded me of a Cavendish of some sort. Maybe cherry? Regardless, there is definitely a NET…probably a relatively low percentage of the final solution, but a NET nonetheless.

Perhaps someone might want to extract some cherry Cavendish pipe tobacco (like Borkum Riff which should be easy to get) or maybe some Honey Cavendish (I got a definite taste of honey in there) and play with the recipe given again….

Statistics: Posted by slap_maxwell — Sat Jan 04, 2014 5:06 pm

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