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WizsWorld wrote:
WizsWorld wrote:I placed my order for the SVD Kit from Aqua Vapor, the Nitecore i4 Charger from Amazon & Batteries (2 18650’s & 2 18350’s) from MadVapes on 12/27/2013 .

Got the Nitecore i4 Charger & the Batteries yesterday 12/30/2013.

Waiting on my order from Aqua Vapor for the SVD Kit. Should be here on 1/2/2014.

Well the SVD didn’t make it by the 2nd. But it made it to my P.O. today & is Out For Delivery :D
Should be here this afternoon.
If it wasn’t so cold & with more snow coming in I would wait out by the mailbox :lol: :shock: F**K THAT!

Freaking cold here as well!

But once you pick the SVD out of your mailbox and fire it up, you will be warm and vaping in no time flat!

Don’t let the instructions mess you up. Once you get them down it is easy to use :mrgreen:

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