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slap_maxwell wrote:
A friend stopped round to see if I could fix his laptop and he brought along some Boba’s, so I’ve finally after all these years tried some. There is almost assuredly a NET in there; I could tell by the taste and by the gunk which accumulated on the coil of the Phoenix I was dripping in after a couple of hours (although Boba’s is obviously not a straight-up NET as the gunk wasn’t anywhere near as severe as vaping W2V’s juices or some of GoodEJuice’s NETS). It reminded me of a Cavendish of some sort. Maybe cherry? Regardless, there is definitely a NET…probably a relatively low percentage of the final solution, but a NET nonetheless.

Perhaps someone might want to extract some cherry Cavendish pipe tobacco (like Borkum Riff which should be easy to get) or maybe some Honey Cavendish (I got a definite taste of honey in there) and play with the recipe given again….

he buys all the ingredients and stated they were all USA made, so the problem with it being a possible NET tobacco is that there was no NETs being sold when he came up with the recipe back then.. would not surprise me if he used somekind extracted tea flavoring though..

an all VG cola ejuice gunks up coils like a light NET tobaccos, cola is one of the four ingredients according to a few including Vapenstein guy (i do not think its regular cola, more like a dr. pepper/tab kinda cola)..

having had their flue cured ejuice, i really think thats one of the other flavors in boba as well..
it is amazing how everyone tastes something different, i don’t recall any cherry taste in boba, let alone a cavendish tobacco taste lol.. you sure your friend had the legit boba??

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