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Not sure how long Boba’s has been around, but I once had the chance to speak to the guy who runs Vaperite and he’s been extracting for a few years now. It’s possible there’s no NET in Boba’s but I would be kinda surprised. Maybe they just use a healthy dose of Tobacco Absolute, but it didn’t taste like TA to me…. There are some Asian tobacco flavorings that have a note of some sort of tobacco essence; perhaps that’s what it is. In fact, considering how "simple" the recipe is supposed to be according to people who have spoken to the owner on the Other Forum, the fact that they seem to run out a lot might point to the use of one of those flavors. Look how hard it is to get stuff from FT out of Asia. ;)

The gunkiness of the coils could be from sugars, of which there seemed to be plenty of. It was sweeter than I typically care for in a "tobacco" vape regardless of it’s NET-ness. :lol: :lol: :lol: (one reason I’ve never been a big Cavendish fan, unless it’s a non-fruit Cavendish, like bourbon, rum, vanilla or honey Cavendish).

I can see now, anyway, why some really like Boba’s…but not tobacco enough for me.

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