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I started vaping back in October to quit smoking. I had a half pack a day habit (Marlboro Lights). So one day I visited my local vape shop (out of the blue, I just said I was done) and he set me up with a great kit and gave me 12mg e-juice based on my habit. I am happy to say that I gave up analog cigs that day and haven’t touched one since! I will say that the first 2 weeks were the most difficult for me. So much so that I thought about increasing the nicotine level to 18 mg. In lieu of doing this my vape guy had suggested that I keep smoking my normal morning cigarette as this would make the transition easier for me. This was something that I did not do because I thought it would be a slippery slope back into full time smoking for me (I have had this 1/2 pack a day habit for 14 years). So instead of increasing or smoking one analog cig per day, I decided to muscle through it and I am noticing now that the smell of actual cigarettes bothers me and that craving to smoke a real cigarette is virtually non-existent today. Quitting was the best decision I have ever made and this is the only method that actually worked for me (I tried everything else). Plus, at nearly $10 per pack here in Massachusetts, I can’t even begin to tell you how much money I’ve saved! My starter kit paid for itself in that first 2 weeks! But at this point, I have yet to decrease the amount of nicotine from the 12 mg that I started with. Has anyone noticed that by not decreasing over time, that even that strength, which I thought I had become accustomed to is now too much? In the last couple days I have noticed some symptoms that seem to coincide with nicotine overdose… I have read on forums that by vaping you are actually consuming less nicotine than you would absorb through your normal analog cigs. So I guess I am wondering if even that ever becomes too much over time. I am going to visit my local vape shop today to pick up some 0 to dilute my remaining 12 and some 6 to use going forward to see if that works. Has anyone else experienced this?

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