Which Clearomizer to choose, BCC or Top coil ?

Which clearomizer to choose, BCC or top coil ?

As E-cigarette smoker, you may be very familiar with CE4 cleaormizer, CE5 clearomizer, Protank, Mini BCC. etc.

But you may not know generally only two types of cleaormizers in market:
BCC ( bottom coil cleaormizer) and Top coil clearomizer (Big Grin just like Men and Women)

They are different by position of coil. One is on top, the other is on the bottom.

Since clearomizers work by absorbing juice through the wick into the coil, the position of the wicks/length of wicks can drastically change the performance.

Top coil clearomizer vs bottom coil clearomizer:

Top coil- obviously coil is on top. there will be long wicks dropping down into the juice.

Strong Throat hit. The top coil can generate warm vapor, strong throat hit. As the coil head is on top, it creates warm vapor. You can get strong throat hit.

Burnt taste. The problem is easy to have burn taste. The liquid supply is not good as bottom coil. When you smoke heavy, it may get burnt vapor.

You need to balance throat hit and burnt taste:

1. Better not to use low resistance top coil clearomizer.

2. Longer wicks is good choice

3. Big fan of large capacity for top coil is not wise. 1. wicks couldn’t absorb enough e-juice if high tube. 2.When few e-juice left for top coil clearomizer, large capacity means more air pressure.It becomes more difficult to supply e-juice.

Bottom coil- coil is on the bottom. with very short wicks that you can barely see

Pure vapor; All wicks are deep in ejuice, vapor is very pure.
No burnt taste. Wicks absorbs ejuice easily. so coil won’t burn dry.

You may confront leakage problem for bottom coil clearomizer when It wets your battery and hand. What’s more, you wastes e juice.

Refilling BCC is not easy.

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