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theres been like a handful of diet Ecigs brands the last couple years or so. i was tempted to try one of them just to see how liquid was like two years ago but, i never did, probably cause the price was crazy and laughable..

Since 2009, i knew ecig were great diet aids, i lost weight big time from vaping bakery and milkshake ejuices only.. they killed my urge to eat a lot, i had to start making myself eat more cause i was losing my behind and boobs lol .. When i got into vaping tobacco flavors 99% of the time though, my appetite returned and i gained the weight back. i got my butt and boobs back plus a damn belly bulge :roll:

if FDA gets crazy with ecig regulations, i think you will see more liquids/vaporizers being promoted as dieting aids perhaps.

Statistics: Posted by Sylvie — Thu Jan 09, 2014 2:46 am

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