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I am in hearty agreement with both post.

Val (sorry too freaking lazy to go with the whole name) and Slap for making the point that in the end we have to make the manufactures of our vaping gear accountable. Basically just channel you own "Evil Uncle" and let him or her loose on whoever sold you a product that you have found to be inferior.

There is a lot of great stuff in what Val had to say and thank you for bringing it up.

There is Stainless Steel and then there is STAINLESS STEEL :ugeek:

I know the difference myself as professionally I live in an industrial world and slight differences can make the difference between sweet success and catastrophic failure.

That being said, I went in search for a website that offered a much simpler explanation involving my favorite Stainless Steel checking tool.

A small magnet that I carry with my micrometers and calipers and Vicks Vapor Rub (you really, really don’t want to know why I need the last one in my kit).

Anyway, this should serve you well and perhaps even help you pick out a BBQ grill this coming summer.

And before you get a magnet to check your hardware, not 100% sure that a magnet will mess up any device with a circuit board installed but I would tend not to check that section with a magnet.

Remove the battery tube an check that.

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