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recently i have seen many posts on various forums and such about stainless steel devices made in china rusting after only a few uses and cleanings…i have also seen claims of "304 food grade stainless steel" and even have discovered that my beloved Russian 91% was advertised as 304 and is in actuallity 316 grade stainless steel…

there are over 150 grades of stainless steel of which 15 are commonly used.
stainless steel also known as inox steel or inox is a steel alloy with a minimum of 10.5% chromium content by mass.

the chinese are flat out lying to you folks, fact of the matter is most of the stainless steel products we have in our vape collections are actually type 202 general purpose stainless steel with decreased nickel content and increased mangenese content which results in weak corrosion resistance.

200 and 300 series stainless steel have an austenitic crystalline structure which is basically a maximum of 0 .15% carbon, 16% minimum content of chromium and sufficient manganese and/or nickel to retain the austenitic structure up to the melting point of the alloy.

the most widely used austentite steel is grade 304, 18% chromium and 8% nickel
not until we classify stainless steel as grade 316, 18% chromium, 10% nickel do we approach the wider use as cutlery and high quality cookware

surgical implants, piercing, and welding stainless steels are known as superaustentitic stainless steels and typically have low allergy properties and thus can be classified as surgical or food safe…these are in the 316 grade range

please know that this is really dry reading and i understand, but , you cannot believe practically anything the chinese say about the metal type and grade they claim their devices are made from…this is simply not the case and can be proven time and time again….chrome plated brass isnt stainless steel, 202 grade stainless steel isnt stainless at all but it is corrosion resistant, to a point, a minimun point and there is no such animal as 304 grade food safe or food grade sstainless steel….

be very careful and try to know a bit more about the material your devices claim to be made of

and i also blame the vendors for just cut and pasting the written garbage from the manufacturers without even reading it

this thread was started as a venting session for the plethura of clones, knockoffs and counterfeits that are out there and are made of these less than desireable grades of metal.. and will eventually rear their ugly heads as what they are,,,a waste of your money

not a rant against clones,,,, seriously want you to realize that what you believe is stainless steel or 304 grade or whatever, really may not be and the only way you have to tell is to have it structurally analyzed or analyzed by a chemical breakdown….highly unlikely that anyone( myself excluded) will do this

anyways, be careful out there!!!!!

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