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slap_maxwell wrote:
It’s not just the "Chinese" (is that the race or just the manufacturers?); location or race doesn’t matter much. I once purchased a well known Greek device straight from the man himself which turned out to be a brushed chrome plated over brass which was touted as SS. He "ran out of ss stock and didn’t want me to wait." Great. But I was charged SS pricing and wasn’t told anything in advance. I don’t know how many times I’ve bought "Made in USA" shit that was just that.

The thing is we, as consumers, have to step up to the plate and hold ALL manufacturers accountable for what they’re selling us. We need to have some way to not only let others know about any chicanery but to also let the manufacturers and their marketing people know that we’re getting the Real Word out about what they’re hawking.

That’s the beauty of free markets; WE set the standards, not some flunky pencil-neck bureaucrat inside the Beltway. We make the rules, we enforce them and we hold accountable whomever needs to be. The only lobbying possible is to sell the highest quality possible at the lowest price possible. :)

May I ask the Greek device you got shafted on? I’m just curious because I’ve found that I’ve really come to like a lot of the Greece made gear and I don’t want to support a manufacturer that does that kind of business.

You may PM me if you’d rather.

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