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But you don’t lose as much power on the provari. Just the build and everything the did, you can just tell they actually took time and studied everything they needed to. For example, a standard 510 connection on the "smok magneto" and the "itaste svd" if you buy a bridgeless atty, it fits loose on the 510 connection on those devices. On the provari it doesn’t. I did a volt drop test and barely even lost any. Also you keep those volts and they never drop even if your battery is low. The provari has a bunch of safety features as well. You would just have to do a side by side comparison. Take whatever devices you have and go to a vape shop that has one in stock and compare them yourself. The price tag is hefty but in all reality you would never have to buy a device again. Also the juices from provape are really good

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