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muertala wrote:
Ms Puffinstuff wrote:I hear you, Uncle. The capacity was kind of a turn-off for me, too. I was won over strictly because I was convinced that this was the spiffiest looking topper for Opi Dee (that’s her name) that I was likely to find. Happily, once it arrived, it wasn’t monstrously large at all. In fact, I think it’s more like 5ml rather than 6. Other sites have it listed as 5, and once I got the coil situation sorted out, it doesn’t need to be filled all the way up at all. You know what I’d really like, though? I would love a tank just like this, but about a third shorter. Mini sizes always seem to be skinnier – sometimes ego threaded, sometimes not, but just as tall as the full sized version of things. I would love to have the option of a short fat one sometimes.

Should give the new Kanger Aerotank a try, I know I have been going on about it, but I think it’s the coolest tank ever, the flavor quality is at dripping quality, the size is just right, you can use different drip tip, you can even disassemble the glass and replace just the glass if the glass breaks from drop it, and you can adjust the air flow for a tighter or airy draw. What more can you ask from a atomizer, just about every feature you ask for with the quality and vapor of a dripping atomizer. The other Protanks have their design flaws and Kanger learned from them and did justice to their products by making the Aerotank, the only real flaw is that you can’t interchange the heads with the other Protanks except for the last Protank version, a flaw I can happily deal with.

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While I totally trust your judgment, you are talking to a guy that is sitting on about a 2 year supply of Evod heads :lol:

I found a great sale a bit ago and took advantage of it :D

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