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what complexed said is absolute gospel…
the clones and knockoffs are gambles, you may hit a good one but more than likely the clone will leave you with an empty wallet and a crappy experience
over time the screws will corrode or even down right rust. the o-rings will swell and degrade with some dessert flavors and the positive post may shed its chrome to expose brass the fill port will rust and the air flow screw will piss you off and not to mention the juice channels are all different dimensions, good luck
the lite plus is an awesome device and well worth the 99 bucks
the russian 91 is not as well machined but an impressive piece with a matching vape experience once you have climbed the learning curve and they are 92 dollars
with the nano kit and the reduced chimney you have a dripping atty that takes a back seat to nothing and a smaller lighter cuter sexy beast for tank mode
spend the money on one, order some 28 and 30 gage kanthal .. get some cotton, some cotton yarn some 2 mil twisted silica
make yourself a coil jig for wrapping those micro coils, basically a small piece of 2X2 a 16 penny nail or a steel rod with a 2mm diameter a wood screw with a large head
the only clone that is left standing after what about 2 months is the ehpro 3.1 clone from madvapes, every other clone has since become a part of some land fill somewhere
not trying to talk anyone out of the clones, but, i am saying do your homework and compare and make sure you can afford to flush that 15, 16, 20 dollars down the toilet and feel good about it because that is the journey you are bound for to get a good knockoff and in the long run you could have had the russian/ lite + right off the git-go
not talkin’ out my arse, been there done that !!

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