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slap_maxwell wrote:
You know, I live in an area infested with large, respected universities…Stetson, Rollins, UCF, etc.; and without fail, the majority of the people I see in B&M vape shops are in their mid 20s and older. I have never seen anyone that I would peg as a high-schooler vaping anywhere (and all the B&M shops I know of in my area check ID upon purchases). Doesn’t mean it ain’t happening, but apparently not in semi-major metropolitan areas in any meaningful numbers.

Just more scare-tactic bullsnot from people who want a docile, fearful population they can control.

Like you just said Mr. Slap.

My son graduated college a year ago.

I flat out asked him because of this BS about E-Cigs being used on campus.

He told me that the only person knew that used the suckers was dear old dad (and he is quite proud of me for making the switch).

No one of his peer group or anyone in the range of his sight used them.

He did admit seeing them in the local gas stations (Njoy and the like) but no use at all in his four years.

Statistics: Posted by UncleRJ — Fri Jan 24, 2014 9:17 pm

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