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tmillin wrote:
Well just to share an oddity with you guys…. A cop saw me vaping at a red light yesterday and pulled me over. Seems he wanted more info and to ask if it helped get off of the stinkies. To say I was floored is an understatement I kindly gave him the info he wanted, directions to my favorite local vape shop and wished him well getting off of the cigs. Lol I also told him about the wealth of knowledge to be found here :D

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Just about the same thing happened to me while passing through security on a Naval Base about 2 months ago.

Answered a lot of questions from the guards and sent them in the right direction.

Fortunately I was using a Vamo at the time and not a Innokin 134 or a CoolFire II.

Could have ended up very, very different for me :twisted:

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