New to this forum and E Cigs

Hi all!
5 days ago I used to smoke a pack and half of Marb lights. Did this for 35 years. No more!
Started out with a Blu disposable and wasn’t that thrilled. It just didn’t hit like the real thing so I took a chance and ordered a V2 starter kit. While that was shipping out to me, I found a V2 disposable and thought I was in trouble. Hated it. Again, it didn’t hit like the real deal.

I almost gave up but kept buying the Blu disposables because I really didn’t want to go back to smoking. Glad I didn’t.
My kit came today and I can say it feels and almost tastes right. Sahara and Congress are ok. The reds don’t do it for me. I may have over done it with the 24mg of nicotine because it hits me hard. Lesson learned.

So far the experience has been great 🙂 So great that I went ahead and ordered a few things tonight that I want to try.
I ordered a bunch of stuff from Halo. Titan Var volt bat, regular titan bat, the Triton Tanks and a tobacco sample pack. I also ordered a few G6 batteries and some of the G6 mini tanks (which I believe I can use on the V2 bats). I also picked up some Johnson Creek tobacco juice to try as well.

Stoked to be off cigarettes as I feel 10 X better than 5 days ago.


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