Whats Your Favourite Ohm Number?

Some vape mail showed up this week and I have bin experimenting with different ohm coils trying to find my perfect number 🙂
I built a 1.6 micro coil in my new Kayfun 3.1 Clone used 28 gague Kanthal and Organic cotton I have it on an Origin clone with a 30 amp sony battery I really like 1.6 so far but I think it could be a little lower
So i try a dual micro coil in my Aqua clone same 28 gague Kanthal and Organic cotton it meters out at .99 ohms I find it is a little to low the vapour is too hot and it makes me cough I,m going to find the sweet spot for me some were from .99 to 1.6 ohms
so i wanted to ask what ohm number works for you folks
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