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The Lavatube

The Lavatube has been particularly refreshing from a switchover from the eGo batteries. The VV is easy to use and get’s (from 0.1, adding and decreasing.) that perfect strength right off for the atty I use. The biggest thing I’m happy with, however, is the fact that it’s easier to charge, in my opinion. The […]

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Anyone Tried DiggECig Disposables

Hey everyone, I’m new here but am looking for advice on disposable e-cigarettes? I’ve been surfing around, and it seems like it’s nearly impossible to find disposables for sale. Then I found DiggECig, apparently they sell to stores and gas stations etc.. but they offer samples. Has anyone tried the e-cigs from diggecig? PM with […]

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Ejuice Quality

The fluid responsible for the fueling of an electronic cigarette is called ejuice or eliquid. E-liquid is the e-cigarette element that offers flavor and nicotine liquid solution. For the e-cigarette to release the vapor that resembles ordinary tobacco smoke, the ejuice has to be heated by the atomizer. The secret behind making top-notch ejuice lies […]

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