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Hey ppl,

So today my genuine Kayfun Lite Plus V2 arrived. I was pretty excited I must admit. So a tear into the box to check it out and the excitement began to dwindle. I took it apart and inspected all the parts and checked the threads to make sure everything was ok. Hell, for over $100 it should be perfect. It was pretty clean and clear of any machine oil. That’s a plus over the clones. The threading was ok but not much better than the EHpro version. The plastic tank section had some extra material that needed to be peeled off but that’s no biggie. At first glance, they’re almost identical. So I start looking closer and start to see some fine details. The quality of stainless steel is a little better in the original. The juice channels seems to be pretty identical. Keep in mind the clone I’m using to compare is still new and unused. So right now I can say the genuine has a slight advantage of the EHpro clone. I’m going to play with them both a bit and build some coils and see if there is any difference in the vape quality. At the current moment solely based on a thorough visual inspection I cannot truly say the genuine version is leaps and bounds better than the EHpro clone. I’ll take some pics and post them in this thread as I go.

EDIT: one quick thing to mention, they both whistle exactly the same.

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