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Pathology wrote:
Nev NYC wrote:
Pathology wrote:Hey you guys with the Stingrays…

I’ve been eyeing those for awhile now. How do you think the black chrome is going to do with scratching? Seems to me that it would scratch very easily letting copper shine through black… That’s the only reason I haven’t picked one up. Didn’t want to have to baby it knowing I can’t polish/buff it if it does scratch up..

It’s not as delicate as you would think. I don’t know why it’s advertised as a black chrome. It’s a nice black finish that feels textured almost like an ego battery but minus the rubbery feel. If you’re on the fence and can get your hands on one, don’t hesitate. ITS AWESOME!!!! It’s pocket friendly as long as it’s the only thing in your pocket. I already dropped mine and almost cried. It didn’t scratch the black but the button got a small scratch. Believe it or not, ketchup will get the engraved logo on the body to shine like new. There isn’t much to polish since it’s got the coating but the top cap gets a little tricky because of the airflow channels.

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My main concern is that if it -does- scratch through the black to the copper… I’m kinda screwed. You can’t buff that back to black, ya know? Sure, you could cover it up various way, but the scratch’s indention will still show. Idk, I wish it were -just- copper. I may pull the trigger on a phantom brass version eventually. Right now, I’m waiting for the GP Lux v3 (I’m kind of a GP fanbou :P )

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I really like the Phantom Brass as well but the upkeep on that I’m sure will get annoying. If you know who’s stocking them let me know. Both version seem to be a hot commodity lately. I got mine from Vaporcigzz and MrCrunch from Smokelsssmoking. I already saw one up for auction for $300.

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