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subwaynm wrote:
A couple of 18650 Batteries
Few Tips,
A Clearomizer Tank
Few different juices; I’m still looking for my All Day Vape Juice.

It is really nice when someone new to vaping seems to find there all day cape flavor quickly. I’ve been vaping now for 14 months and totally smoke free for slightly over four months now. And it’s been something else trying to find my Favorite flavor. My taste buds changed when I had quit smoking for 45 days and I used to vape Tobacco flavors when I was still smoking a few analogs each day but since it’s been a chase.

That chase for the "perfect" flavor or "all day vape" seems be be endless. I smoked Newport 100’s and when I switched I needed menthol liquid. That grew old quick and began to gross me out. I thought I’d found that "perfect" flavor with Tribeca by Halo. That got old too. I did stick with that for quite a long time though and it still remains in the rotation. Now that I’m over a year in and learned so much, I can buy juice based on recommendations along with the taste that I’ve developed. I started trying lots of new flavors in December and have found a few that I can vape all day or even weeks at a time. I think having a few go to flavors is important so you don’t get turned off by one that you’re always vaping. I’ve really been enjoying Brain Matter by Juicy Vapor lately. It’s an apple, pear, pomegranate mix in a high VG base. What you might want to do is try a variety of stuff from both ends of the vaping spectrum. Try fruit flavors, candy flavors, desert flavors, tobaccos, etc, even if you’re not necessarily into them and one might surprise you. My first few months I was not into fruits or candy vapes at all. Now I’m really enjoying them. It may sound a bit cheesy but go to PBasardo’s website,, and go through the list of Street Shoutout eliquids. So far it’s been a good guide for me. Deadly Sin and Bobbas Bounty were pretty good. You can read up on them, watch the review and try and get a better idea about what they’re about rather than reading a generic description on a vendor’s site.

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