ITazte MVP Suddenly very hot when charging – USB HUB lights go off when connected – cable melted

I have had an Itazte MVP for a few months now and it has been working great.

Tonight I was keeping it tethered to recharge it (as I do almost every night) and suddenly I realized it was extremely hot.

I immediately disconnected it, took off the clearomizer and made sure everything it was working OK. It seemed fine but every time I plugged it in again it would turn hot again.

This time I zeroed out the voltage and watts just to make sure and it seemed to be doing fine once again.

10 minutes later I realized the the USB charging cable was melting so I immediately disconnected everything again.

Since then, I have tried a few things but one thing I noticed was that the moment I connected a USB into the Itazte, the USB Hub (powered) would have all its lights turn off. The same with a hub I have where the USB connectivity is no longer good but still recharges my phones (it’s not attached to a computer, in other words).

I am really unsure what to do. This started happening totally out of the blue. I wasn’t doing anything that I haven’t done a million times before when I first realized the unit was getting hot.

My guess is a short circuit somehow, but before I open the unit I wanted to ask here.

Thank you for your help.

PS: I switched to using my Pass-through

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