Two weeks and a day of just vaping

Hi all,

So, like the title says, I’m working on my third week of no smoking, and it’s pretty great. I was one of those struggling with nic-only, but since adding wta to my juices, it’s been pretty smooth sailing.

I’m ecstatic about my decision to switch – the flavors and options are just mind boggling. The majority of my budget is being spent on juices – they all sound so good, and I guess I’m easy to please, there’s only been one flavor that I was less than pleased with. I started with the KT EVOD kit, got more batteries and clearos, then ordered an EVOD VV battery and pro tank mini 2 (so neat, loving it already), then I did order a halo g6 and mini tank, because while in the beginning I did not want anything that resembled an analog (too much disappointment, I thought, if it looked like a cigarette but did not perform like one), I’ve found now that I’m already a little nostalgic (and plus they look awesome). So it’s not a bad start to what’s seeming like a pretty involved hobby.

I was a chain smoker, and now I chain vape so all the extra batteries and such really do come in handy. There’s not one that goes unused, and it’s nice to know I have multiple back ups.

I was also able to get my older sister to switch (she’s working on her 2 day of completely no smoking, the day before that, she’d only had 3 drags off a cigarette before putting it out and vaping instead). My mom is also incorporating her PV into her day. And I had a customer come into work who I had to write info for so he could research in hopes of getting his wife to switch. Not too bad for a newbie 😀

Anyway, I do have a question. Just today we received two EVOD VV batteries (which I love, btw), but I noticed something. The batteries only have "EVOD VV" on the side, there is no KT logo on the side or etched on the base of the battery (it came packaged what I assume is correctly – it was the same as my other EVOD battery, which IS laser etched). I’m wondering if I managed to unwittingly get a clone? Are there some genuine KT products that aren’t etched? I went to KT’s official website and the place I got it was listed as an official vendor of their products. I’ve also emailed the company about it, but I don’t know how long it generally takes for them to respond, so I thought I’d try here, as well.

Sorry for the rambling, but if anyone could help with the KT situation, I’d be grateful!

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