long-time lurker, first post!

Hi all,
I’ve been avidly reading ecf for the last year and a half now, almost as long as I’ve been vaping…Started out a little over 2 years ago with a V2Cigs starter kit, and quickly got myself an e-Go about 4 months after that. Since then, I’ve gotten an e-pipe mod, a Touchwood mini, and a couple of rebuildable atties. I’m really into naturally extracted tobaccos, as I’ve always loved the taste of tobacco – since I started vaping, I (like so many others) searched for that *one* juice that tastes like "the real thing." I’ve found so many that taste even better than anything I ever smoked in my 20+ years of smoking. So…I’m posting this, my first post, to introduce myself and to start the process of getting my *5* posts out of the way so I can begin participating in the threads I’ve already been reading…Glad to be here, and looking forward to the ongoing conversation!
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